Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Yesterday was one of those rare rain-free days, sunny but still cool in the morning. So I got a hairbrained idea that I would help out my dear hubby by mowing part of the jungle ... err ... back yard while he was at work.

First of all, the lawn mower hates me. It takes a lot of pulls to get that blasted thing running. (It loves my hubby by the way ... grrrr) So I finally get it to give up and just start and happy me heads into a patch of thick grass. Did I mention that it has rained for almost 3 weeks every single day? Calling this stuff grass at this point is an understatement, it's more like baby bamboo. Well, the grass catcher fills up pretty quickly so I have to turn off the mower ... grr ... take the bag off and go dump out the grass. Not so bad but then of course I have to start the mower again after I put the bag back on. Now you'd think it would be easier this time with the engine being all nice and warm but noooooooooo that mower really hates me. So after a few minutes of cursing, I mean talking sweetly to it, it decides to be nice and start again.

Off I go to another patch of bamboo, err, grass. All of a sudden I hear a big THUD and the stinking lawnmower dies. I'm thinking oh lord, I must have hit a monkey that was hiding in the bamboo, I mean stick in the grass! Nope, that's not what I hit. It was my dogs kong. A big, red fire hydrant looking rubber toy. Man those things are tough. Not A dent on the kong and it stopped the mower in its tracks. Of course the minute I pick the kong up here come my two chocolate labs thinking mommy wants to play. Buster, the big, goofy male, is not the smartest pea in the pod and he kept trying to bring me the kong. I finally had to put it up on our picnic table to get him to stop bugging me.

I think all of this scared the lawnmower cause it started on the first pull. That's showing it who's the boss around here! Yea, right. I started pulling the mower backwards when my foot discovered a hole that was hiding in the grass and down I went. I landed on my right wrist, then my right hip all the while hanging onto the lawnmower with my left hand. All I could think it that flash of a moment was if I let go of the lawnmower it's going to roll backwards and show me who really is the boss. I swear that when I fell I heard little monkey laughter all around me.

Well, that was it for me. I put the mower back on the patio and decided to let hubby deal with the yard, dogs and that evil mower. Today, my wrist is throbbing, my ankle is sore and I want to feed the lawnmower some sugar .... bwahahahahaa!

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