Saturday, March 20, 2010

Where did Spring go?

Today is the first day of Spring. Hooray! Trees are beginning to bud, warm breezes are gently blowing across my yard ...... wait ...... what's this? What am I hearing? It sounds like little pebbles hitting my roof? Sleet,(blink,blink) am I hearing sleet? Okay, maybe I just need a cup of coffee to get my old brain going this morning. While it's brewing I'll let the dogs out for their morning romp and ..... whoa ..... it really is sleeting! What happened to the nice warm weather we've had all week. I even opened my windows for a few days to let in the fresh air and blow out the winter stuffiness. Now it's freezing and we have sleet .... and snow? Two inches of snow!

I'm going back to bed, someone wake me when spring really gets here.

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Sue said...

LOL....I sympathize with you! Our weather here just outside of Toronto, ON was beautiful all last week and I too opened my windows several days. Today? Some rain, and then snow flakes.

Mother Nature is a tease!



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