Monday, May 10, 2010

Trying Ebay once again.

I use to sell on Ebay, actually did fairly well there once upon a time. Then I got angry with Ebay, I didn't like all the changes going on, didn't like the feeling that artists were being buried there. So one day I said poohpooh to Ebay, closed my store and moved to a shiny new place called Etsy. I like Etsy, I really do. It has the comfy feel of home but ....... I do know that if I want to expand my collectors base I need to offer art on Ebay again. Let's face it, as much as I like Etsy, and I do plan to stay there, Ebay just has a lot more eyes viewing auctions. More eyes = more potential sales plain and simple. So I'm going to give Ebay another try.

I've just listed my Dust E. Bunny there. You can find the listing by clicking my Ebay badge on the right side of my blog. Here's to hard work and a bit of luck. (Universe, are you listening?)

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Sue said...

Good luck on Ebay Tamara! I haven't listed on Ebay in several years now - like you I became completely disgusted with their policies.

Your dust bunny is the lollipop stuck to his head.



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