Friday, June 18, 2010

Rough few weeks

These last few weeks have been really rough on my family. Heck, actually the last few months have been. My lovely daughter, who lives in another state, has seizures and a few months ago she was having them several times a week. Then she doubled over with severe stomach pains and her boyfriend took her to the emergency room. Found out she had a very infected gallbladder and they removed it pronto. So the seizures settled down but then a few weeks ago she ended up back at the emergency room 3 times in a few days. She now has a bleeding ulcer and a very bad bacterial infection in her stomach. Doctor put her on a triple course of antibiotics. She had 2 seizures while in the emergency room and the doctor says they aren't normal seizures and wants her to be tested to see what's going on. (she didn't have seizures as a child, they started after she reached adulthood)

Two weeks ago my hubbahubby hurt his back. Went in for an MRI and it showed a herniated disk so he had to have surgery. He had his surgery yesterday morning and is doing well. Should be home some time today. I couldn't be there with him because a week ago I got sick with some kind of yucky crap that makes my nose run and my throat raw. yay.

Okay Universe, enough is enough. You kicked my families butt all last year and now you're trying to do it again this year? Nope, no way, ain't going to happen. I'm telling ya right now to cut it out.


Georgina said...

Holy crap, you've been through the ringer, my dear. Yes, time for the Universe to go into reverse!! I've been coming off Lexapro and believe you me, if you ever intend on going on this drug, keep in mind that coming off of it is like a side trip to Hell. Hang in there and know good things are on their way.

magikalseasons said...

Oh Tamara I'm so sorry to hear this! Sending you and your entire family health and healing! You too don't forget to take care of you! Sending hugs to you! xo Becca

Sarah said...

Oh hon....sending healing to all of you and great big hugs hon... geesh I hate it when it all comes at once! Hugs and love, Sarah

Marie S said...

I am so sorry Tamara. Hang in there.
And this too shall pass, right??
white light and healing thoughts coming your way!

Sue said...

Oh dear Tamara, you have had more than your share of rotten stuff....hopefully it has passed and
everyone (daughter, hubby and you) will start to get back to normal soon!



Pam of Always Artistic said...

Wow, rough is an understatement. I hope your daughter heals, that is scary. And I hope you and your hubby have healed up by now!


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