Tuesday, August 23, 2011

102 and no air

Two days ago our central air conditioner decided to start blowing hot air instead of cold air. Hubby got a guy to come look at it and of course it couldn't be something easy and cheap to fix. It turns out the fan motor burned out. So, 2 days of 100+ weather, no air, grumpy family and I'm really getting fed up. Hubby was trying to remove the fan blades this morning so he could take the motor in and get it replaced but no matter what he tried it would not come off. I told him to take the whole thing with him that maybe, just maybe they would have the right tool to take the blades off the old motor and put them on the new motor. I sure hope so cause he's super stressed and a super stressed Hubby is no fun to live with.

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Pam of alwaysartistic said...

Wow. I hope the weather cools off for you. I can't imagine. Here we only get 100+ temperatures once in a while thankfully. But when we do get them I can't handle it. Hope your central air gets fixed soon too!


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