Saturday, June 30, 2012

Time to move on ....

My HubbaHubby and I are moving soon. We're not sure exactly when but it could happen quickly.

We've been fighting a long, hard battle with the bank in an effort to save our home. Almost 2 yrs ago hubbahubby had to have back surgery which resulted in many, many weeks of being unable to work. Since we had no insurance and he had no vacation time our income was cut to nothing for awhile. Then he ended up in the hospital again so more of the same, lost work, no money. We fell behind on our house payments during that time. As soon as we were able we started making our monthly payment and attempted to make extra partial payments to catch up on our mortgage but good ole Bank of America was having nothing to do with that! They refused to take any partial payments. They wanted it all at once or nothing at all.

After several months of them only taking a current payment and refusing to take any partial payments they (evil bank) decided they wouldn't take any payments unless we could pay all of the back payments at once. So each time I would go to the bank to make a current payment they would refuse it. This resulted in us falling farther and farther behind. We jumped through every hoop they sent us, we would send them every document they requested, sometimes re-sending 4 times because they would claim they never got it (it was faxed each time) or it wasn't the one they wanted or okay yes it was the one they wanted please send again. This went on until finally they attempted to foreclose on us.

It was around that time that I started doing some research on all the monkey business these banks were up to and when we finally went to court I was able to stop the foreclosure because I was able to prove the bank had forged signatures on several of our home's documents, had committed fraud and had clouded our title. After that the bank started in on the "let's refinance roller coaster" again and they also went back to the court and applied for and got a motion to amend their original petition. (Thank you court, for bending over and becoming a play toy for the bank)

My poor, emotionally drained hubbahubby and I decided that this was just one war we would eventually lose so we've put the house up for sale thus stopping the bank's attempt to illegally take our home and are in the process of packing everything and getting ready to move. We've decided to leave Oklahoma since we really have nothing tying us here and move close to my daughter. Hubbahubby leaves next week to job hunt while I stay here to continue packing. My delightful daughter is thrilled to have us moving close to her and is already talking about how much fun she and I are going to have.

Even though this has been a very, very tough trial by fire for us several good things will come from it.
1. We will be out from under BoA's evil thumb
2. We're leaving Oklahoma, something we've thought about doing long before this nightmare began.
3. As a couple, we are much stronger, this has not torn us apart.
4. We will be living closer to our daughter, which makes all of us happier.

So Bank of America you really didn't win this one. Even though we may no longer have this house, neither will you. Since it will sell for much less than what you say we own you (short sale) you lose because once it sells we owe you nothing. Oh, and we get to sleep at night and feel good about ourselves ..... how are you sleeping you evil bastards?


Jamie Lott said...

Banks are evil! I'm tempted to put my money in a metal coffee can under the bed the way my Papa did, more and more everyday. I'm sorry for your turmoil but hope this move proves to be the most positive experience yet!

Good Luck!

Pam of alwaysartistic said...

Tamara... Wow I am so sorry you have been going through all of this. I hope this move will be really good for you and your family. Hopefully one day this will just be a distant bad memory. Maybe you will have more inspiration when you are away from all of this.

Tamara Dozier said...

I agree. After we get settled the only banking I will do is with a credit union. That way I know my money stays local.

Tamara Dozier said...

Thank you Pam. You are always the sweetest person!

Pam of alwaysartistic said...

Your welcome! I have had some rough times, nothing like this... but know how bad things can be. Things are so much better for us since we moved from another province... hope yours will be much better soon too!


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