Sunday, September 30, 2012

Moved but in limbo

Well, I'm now moved to my new "temporary" home. I'm very depressed about all of this. We are living with our daughter and her boyfriend until we can get our own place and that may be as long as a year from now. I was promised a place to do my art but here I am, over a month later and almost everything I own is in boxes crammed into a garage. I was going to use my dining room table as a temporary place to sculpt but the 2 cats (not my cats) here will not stay off the table so there is no way I can sculpt anything that has to stay out and dry. The garage has two nice windows that get a lot of sunlight but at this point there is no way to make the space I need to set up my supplies.

There really is nothing to do here other than cook and clean, (which everyone seems happy to let me do ..... alone ...... with no help). I'm very unhappy, very depressed, very, very bored. No one seems to get it. They all have their jobs and their computer games and their silly tv shows to keep them occupied and they don't get how badly I am craving my art. I really thought those closest to me got that but I guess I was wrong. I really feel as if even they think my art is something I play at. That depresses me even more.


sassypackrat said...

Oh Tamara I'm so sorry to hear this! Perhaps a squirt bottle filled with water will teach the cats to stay off the table and a sheet to cover everything while their drying?

People who aren't artists just don't understand the need to create. Can you have a sit down and explain to your family how you are feeling?

I hope things get better for you soon!

Pam of alwaysartistic said...

I am so sorry... It's hard when your used to being in your own home. I lived with a cousin for 1/2 a year or so and I know how hard it is... I hope you can find a place soon. It's hard with pets or kids around.

What about getting an art journal that you can sketch out tons of ideas, so when you get in your place you can go nuts... Writing everything down would at least be an outlet.

Ginger Burch said...

Hopeing and praying that things will get better for you soon. I've been were you are, living with people that care less. It's not fun.


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