Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The soap opera I call life

Okay, crazy train has stopped at the station!

It's been a bit since my last post so let me catch you all up on a few things. Let's see ..... well I guess the two worst things to happen is on Father's Day my wonderful Hubbahubby had a stroke. He's doing better, physically but I worry about the stress he is under.

The day started out with a bang, or actually a crash. A very large limb broke from a tree near our driveway and came crashing down on our car. Luck was that the way it landed it didn't crush the car but a ton of wood was draped over the roof of the car.

Hubbahubby and daughter's boyfriend took a chain saw to it and managed to move chunks of it next to the driveway. Then, the worse thing possible, love of my life had a stroke with 30 minutes of this happening. I noticed he was walking a little weird as he went into the house so I followed him in to see what was wrong. He told me it felt like someone had drawn a line down the center of his body and his entire left side was numb. He had no speech slurring, no drooping face but I knew he was having a stroke. I got him to the hospital withing minutes and as I was helping him out of the car he started to collapse. Thank goodness two men where there to help get him in a chair and into the Emergency room.

He had had a minor stroke but the very scary medicine that they gave him busted up the "so small they couldn't see it" clot and within 15 mins after getting said medicine you could see improvements. He ended up spending the next day in ICU and then a week in the heart unit.  Here's a pic of him being silly for his brother on the day he got to come home:

So, after all that, and now doing physical therapy twice a week the doc says he can go back to work. Hurray, we say ........ not to be so. The jerks where he worked ended their contract with the hiring agent that placed a bunch of the workers and the jerk company then let them all go. So now he is trying to find a job but no one wants to hire him because of his stroke and he can't get unemployment, even though he worked at the jerk company for over a year, because the hiring agent is still listing him and won't cut him loose. So that is where we are right now, no income, no insurance, no prospects and still living with our daughter.

Do I sound a bit stressed?

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Pam of alwaysartistic said...

Wow Tamara, how scary for you... so glad that your husband is ok... hope he can find a job very soon!


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