Saturday, October 3, 2009

Blue Moon sculpture

I finally finished my "Blue Moon" sculpture. It's a little over 12" tall and it's the largest one I've done in polymer clay so far. The moon is polymer clay but the base is paperclay sculpted over a wood base I had laying around.

I painted the moon with my new airbrush. Well, it's not actually new new, my hubbahubby bought it for me about a year ago. I really didn't know how to use it but I finally pulled it off my shelf, mixed up my paints, plugged in the compressor and blew paint at watercolor paper until I felt comfortable using it. Wow, it was alot easier than I thought and I am now IN LOVE with my airbrush. All Hubbahubby had to say was, "It's about time." He was grinning a big grin so I know he was happy I finally used it.

My friend Sandy is going to love this. Sandy, I'm coming over to your house tomorrow to give you your sculpture and a big hug for all the help you've given us.


Anonymous said...

NIce!!! I like him alot.

Tamara Dozier said...

Thank you Sheila. That means alot coming from an artist I admire.


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