Saturday, July 24, 2010

Almost done

Whew, this fellow has been occupying a great deal of my time but I'm done with the sculpting and will start painting him in a few days. He's drying nicely, the only thing I do like about all this hot weather. I'm so very happy with the way he is turning out, he is quickly becoming one of my favorite pieces. Feels like a little bit extra of my soul went into this one .... :)


Ascension said...

Me encanta tu espantapajaros, estoy haciendo una escena en miniatura 1/12.
Es la escena de una brujita y necesito un espantapajaros, te importa que intente copiar el tuyo para mi escena?
Un trabajo genial!!!
besitos ascension

Tamara Dozier said...

"I love your scarecrow, I'm doing a scene in miniature 1 / 12.
It is the scene of a witch and I need a scarecrow, you mind yours to try copying my scene?
A great job!"

Thank you Ascension. If I understand correctly you are asking to copy my art for your scene. Although I can't stop anyone from making a scarecrow with a pumpkin head I do ask that you not copy my work.

Sue said...

Tamara, Mr. Scarecrow is comingly along fabulously! What personality he has, even before he is painted.


Ascension said...

Tamara, lo comprendo.
No te preocupes no lo voy a hacer.
Muchisimas gracias por contestarme.
Me encanta tu trabajo y volvere a visitarte para ver tus nuevos proyectos.
besitos ascension

Pam of Always Artistic said...

He is one of my favorites too, probably because I love corn! LOL I love the corn at his feet! So cute!


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