Thursday, July 15, 2010

WIP Pumpkin head scarecrow

I've been working on a scarecrow, it has a bit to go but I'm going to try and get all the wrinkles in the jeans legs sculpted today and sculpt a rope around his waste. There's a crow that sits on his head but it kept getting in the way so it's sitting on my work table in my studio waiting to be re-attached.

No, this isn't my studio in this pic, this is me being lazy and sculpting while watching GHI .... lol


Sue said...

He is going to be so cool when he is completed!


Pam of Always Artistic said...

Love to see them before their done, neat! Watching GH lol I used to be so addicted to that show for so many years, I stopped watching it about 4-5 years ago, hardest thing to do!


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