Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Update on Cat-astrophe

I finally got all of the polymer clay parts finished. I'll be spending most of today working on his jammies which I'm sculpting in paperclay. LOL, right now he looks like he's in a body cast!

Sorry about the somewhat out of focus shot, It was around 6am when I took this and then my camera died on me. Must of been that ghost in the window that sucked all the power out of it! YIKES!!! As soon I get it recharged and I chase that ghost away I'll try and take more pics.


niknik said...

Прикольно! Супер!

Tamara Dozier said...

Thank you niknik, I'm glad you think he's Cool! Super!

Pam of Always Artistic said...

Oh he is sooooo cool. Can't wait to see what he looks like all finished. I have been so far behind on all my blogs I finally went through and unsubscribed from a ton of them. I just can't keep up anymore. So hopefully I can keep up with you and the others I kept a bit better!


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