Saturday, October 1, 2011

Finished WIP Ghost and cat.

I finished my newest ooak art doll. He's the first in a new series called "Oopsied". The series will be dolls depicting weird and wacky ways some of us leave this world.

Title: Cat-astrophe

I like to write stories or poems for some of my creations and this poor fellow deserved one. 


Melvin's wife was quite the nag,
he stopped listening to her long ago.
He never heard her yell, (the old bag)
"The light's blown out, the stairs are dark below!"

With his tummy sounding a rumble grumble
he put his bunny slipper's upon his feet
Sleepily to the kitchen he began to stumble
not knowing the fate he'd soon meet.

At the top of the stairs he found no light.
"Forgot to mention the bulb?" he said with a shout.
"Not that it matters if I have no sight,
I know this old house inside and out!"

He lifted his foot to take the first stair
when he hit something soft and furry.
The next thing he knew he was high in the air
And then everything went kinda blurry.

When he opened his eyes he found he was quite dead
but the universe would show him no mercy.
The voice of his wife was no longer in his head,
now he spends eternity with a pissed off cat named Percy.

written by Tamara Dozier

You can find him in my Etsy Shop


Unusual Girl Studios said...

Too funny,Tamara! Like the ghostly color scheme!

Tamara Dozier said...

Thank you Chris, and thank you for stopping in!


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