Monday, October 17, 2011

I hate to go shopping, except ......

when I'm going for art supplies. Oh Yeah!

It's the only time my daughter and I enjoy shopping. That's because we're both crows, we love sparkly, shinny things, oh and tools. We LOVE shopping for tools! My hubbahubby, on the other hand doesn't like shopping at all, especially with the two of us. Poor fellow, all too many times we will be walking around in the store and he will be having a conversation with the two of us only to discover we have disappeared. The truth is, we can't help ourselves. (Did I mention we are both crows?) When something catches our eyes an all too powerful force overcomes us both and like a giant magnet it pulls us off our path, causing us to forget all other things (like hubbahubby). It even controls our ability to create full sentences as we only seem to be able to mutter ooooooo and ahhhhhhh and drool.

The first few times hubbahubby witnessed this I'm sure he thought we were being possessed or had both simultaneously fallen and hit our heads on a shelf. He didn't understand then that he had married a crow and she came with a crow daughter. I still don't think he understands the crow part but at least now he knows to just follow the trail of drool to find us transfixed on pretties. He's also figured out the best way for him to handle it is to just let us shop ...... alone!


Unusual Girl Studios said...

I agree, shopping should be segragated between the sexes! I am not sure about the crow thing....think I've heard about it but can't quite remember???

Tamara Dozier said...

Crows are known to love shiny, anything and often "borrow" them to hide in their stash pile. They've even been seen hopping in an open window and then out with a treasure firmly gripped in heir beak ... lol


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