Monday, October 17, 2011

Nuts about Wedding Cake topper

I recently had the honor of making a unique wedding cake topper for two very dear friends. Jim has been a close friend of my hubbahubby's for a long time and his soon to be wife Jessica is his perfect match and a really wonderful lady to have as a friend.

A few months before the wedding we were over at their home and while the guys were outside grilling our meal Jessica mentioned that she was having the hardest time finding a cake topper. You see, I've always know Jim by the name all his buddies called him. At first I thought it was his nickname, one given to him because he is Native American. But after I knew him for a little while I found out his "nickname" was actually his last name. Jessica wanted a cake topper that shouted out his and her soon to be last name. I decided it would be the perfect wedding gift to give them and she was very excited about me creating it for them. She gave me complete freedom to follow my muse, only asking that I please add cherry blossoms to it somewhere.

Here is the cake topper I sculpted for them. She was so happy she cried. I love that about her! Can you guess their last name? ....... :)

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Diane MacNaughtan * Dianie Mac * said...

You did excellent work on this cake topper.
That is the best ever gift to receive.

Take care,


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